Sunday, November 1, 2009

Everywhere I turn, I hear people talking about how tough things are, each echoing the the same unchallenged underlying belief...that they are in it alone. And the prevailing attitude everywhere is one of helplessness which goes hand in hand with the idea that my problem is just my problem, and your problem is just your problem: the malady of the new millennium, and millenniums before it.

And unless WE realize that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, putting aside all the divisions (racial, ethnic, religious, etc.) and unite together to find a better way for "all of us," we may not have to worry at all. Matter of fact, if we don't start creating a world wherein everyone matters, there might not even be a world in the not-too-distant future.

At the root of every religion, though distorted by humankind, is the golden rule (you know, the words that tell everyone to treat everyone else the same way that they would like to be treated and to not do harm to anyone. You know, the golden rule that kind of tells everyone that we are all of equal value in the true awareness of reality!)
And the root of the matter with regard to racial non-sense is that the issue isn't about color, nor which race is better and more deserving, nor which race owes another race. The root issue is that we have a real problem on this planet right now and if human kind doesn't stop the humans racing..... the reality facing ALL OF US is that we might NOT have a planet in the not too distant future. THE BULL-LONEY has gone tooooo tooooo far and WE ALL MUST PUT A STOP TO IT and begin joining together to create a world that is for the profit of all and not just a few.

WE ARE EITHER GOING TO BE IN THIS ALL TOGETHER or we aren't going to make it...and you can take that to the bank!!!

Our species, other species, and the planet, itself, can no longer afford this human insanity. It isn't about money, folks. It isn't about prestige, nor fame, nor self-importance. One look around you ought to open your eyes.

The issues "out there" aren't "out there" and apart from us.....they are out there but affect each of us.
We either all commit to something greater than our independent little selves or we aren't going to make it, folks....and it is that simple.

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