Monday, November 2, 2009

True wealth and abundance

Life rushes by in our pursuit of the "good life;" in our quest to have all the creature comforts, nice homes, stylish clothes, fancy cars and prestige in the neighborhood. We, of course, deserve to have all of these things.
We love our children, and as all parents feel, we want to give them the best that life has to offer, yet somehow we are thrown out of balance by the frenzy of getting, and getting ahead. We somehow forget that true wealth is something far more valuable than that which money can buy.
True wealth, includes good health. And though we think that good health is merely the result of what we eat, the supplements we take, going to the gym (or being on an exercise program), many of us do not know that even good health requires more than just the care of our physical bodies.
I have worked in the field of the healing arts for many years now, teaching others the art of helping themselves to heal. And what I have learned, is that what affects one's health the most is that which is not tangible.
We talk about mind-body-spirit, and how our thoughts affect the quality of our health and our lives, but the one thought that seems to somehow go by the wayside in our technical evolvement is the very word that perhaps affects our health and thus our wealth the most. Can you guess what that one word is right now? If you have guessed the word, congratulations. If not, just put your attention to the heart area in your own body and observe what you discover.
That word in the English language is : Love. In other languages there are different words for this feeling, but in the world of the universal, one can feel it without hearing or saying a word. It is the language of the heart; the very spark of life that keeps us all alive. Yes, Love.
In my work with others, I was able to teach my clients many wonderful methods for introducing healing into their bodies, which worked very well....for a time. What I did not realize at that time, which is all too often not thought of, was that without the experience of being able to give and receive love in one's life, physical healing is very temporary.
That we forget in our frenzy to find the good life is that "the real good life" is not separate from what I call, "the spirit of love." (I use the word, spirit, in the sense of mood/attitude/energy of, essence of/vibration of; not from a sense of religious definition.) For, as I have seen "time and time again," wealth without the experience of lovingness, is the worst form of poverty on the planet.
Somehow in humankind's evolution, we have, as a species, forgotten what it is that has set us apart from the so-called lower forms of life. (I do not believe they are lower, but for the sake of providing my reader an explanation, I use that term which is often used by other humans.) What has set us apart is not just our incredible ability to imagine things and thus create them into being, but the ability to universally love and be loved....the spirit (mood/attitude) of giving and allowing others to give to us.
To be continued

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